Cycle To Work Scheme

The cycle to work scheme with no £1000 limit - Green Commute Initiative

How the scheme works

If your employer does not already have a scheme it is an easy step to partner up with Green Commute Initiative they will provide at no cost to your employer all the necessary to enable you to purchase your bike through the scheme. Your monthly payments are made by pay sacrifice, reducing your tax and national insurance payments, saving up to 47% on the purchase price of your bike depending on your income tax rate.

We recommend your employer use the Green Commute Initiative. Use this link for more details on how purchasing a bike on this government scheme will benefit both you and your employer.

Though GCI is our preferred scheme partner we can accept vouchers from and some other schemes your employer may be offering. Because all schemes deduct a commision from us, we may not be able to supply a bike that we have already discounted at the discounted price, through the cycle to work scheme. In this case we could offer the bike through the scheme by adding on on an admin fee to cover the commission, usually 5 or 10%. Even so, you will save much more by purchasing higher priced bikes through the government cycle to work scheme than if you were to purchase with our discount only.

Cycle Scheme

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